Crafting Digital History, A Workbook by Shawn Graham and Rob Blades

Black and white historical image showing women studying in library. Title overlays on image saying "Crafting Digital History, A Workbook by Shawn Graham"

This workbook supports #HIST3814o in the Late Summer term at Carleton University. This is the third major reworking of the workbook. The original Winter 2015 version is available on GitHub.

For more advanced tutorials and help, please note the following:

CAUTION: Photosensitivity and eye strain

Some of the digital tools and tutorial videos used in this workbook can potentially cause eye strain or effect those with photosensitivity. Make sure to take breaks often, relax your eyes, and stretch.

Video Tutorials

Most exercises in this workbook are accompanied by a video tutorial. Please enable closed captions for more direction.

Original content by Shawn Graham is
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